Finance Dashboard: Complete all the cards here to evaluate your current net worth and clear view across all your assets and/or loans. Remember, your net worth is calculated as the total value of assets minus liabilities. 


Retirement Plan: Set your mind at ease regarding your future plans. Through the chart, visualise if you’re on track for your retirement needs and view recommendations on how much you need to set aside to achieve your retirement goals. 


Goals Planner: Understand the financial impact of your aspirations, such as a new property, big trip or education fund, so you can make better decisions about these desired purchases. 


Insurance Tracker: See, retrieve and manage all of your insurance policies in one place so you enjoy peace of mind about what you have. Never miss a payment again with reminders on your upcoming payments and expiring policies. 


Autumn Hub: Whether you are a beginner or seasoned investor, level up on your knowledge with Autumn’s suite of financial and health literacy articles, quizzes and videos, available as part of Autumn’s collaboration with Franklin Templeton and more. 


Health Dashboard: In partnership with Dacadoo, Autumn enables users to measure their scores across Mind, Body and Lifestyle to receive an overall General Wellness score, receive personalised insights and nudges for better, healthier habits, and more.