Autumn offers a fresh, seamless way to manage your wealth, your health and your goals.  


Money management is made simple with the single-view Finance Dashboard where you can see your money clearly across all your bank accounts, savings, CPF, properties, investments, and insurance in one place. 


Autumn also analyses the financial information you have connected within the app to determine whether you are on/off track to meet the goals you have indicated. 


Users can say goodbye to the complex Excel worksheets, bank statements and tons of insurance policy documents simply by using the Autumn app on your mobile. 


With Autumn’s Weekly Checklist, you can gain clarity on actions you can take to move closer to your goals. 


The health features on Autumn include health scoring based on behavioural science. At a later stage, users will also be able to track their health and fitness by connecting Autumn to selected wearables, so that they can take actions to stay fit.